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Mid-Semester Jam 2023

Mid-Semester Jam 2023

With modern and classic hits alike, Mid-Semester Jam is always a community favorite. Led by Director of Instrumental Music Kendel Hickenbottom, students in grades sixth through twelfth demonstrated hard work and the talent to entertain.

Kicking off the show, sixth grade band wowed the audience with four pieces of music. One of the unique aspects of Mid-Semester Jam is the student involvement in song choice. Recognizable hits “Call Me Maybe” and One Direction’s “What Makes you Beautiful” were the sixth graders’ student picks. Additionally, the well-known song “Apache” spanned generations of music lovers and was enjoyed by all. 

Next, the seventh through upper school band rocked out with hits such as “Renegade,” “Hello” by Adele and student choices such as “Thriller” and “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Kendel Hickenbottom said, “I take song requests from students and we look up their choices; it is a group decision.” He explained how it motivates students to be involved in the process.

Mr. Hickenbottom also drew attention to the many multi-talented students who played more than one instrument. In this concert, Trey Hensley ‘28 played trombone and violin, Zane Brannan ‘28 played trombone and piano, Elizabeth Craig ‘28 played flute and piano, James Enger ‘25 played bass guitar and guitar and Karlyse Firenza ‘29 played drums and marimba. Mr. Hickenbottom himself played trumpet, piano and bari sax.

Finally, students who participated in band competitions this year received recognition for their success. In addition to making the honor band, all upper school students who qualified for region progressed to area as well. Will Adcox ‘23 participated in area auditions and placed seventh. Out of the five areas in the state of Texas, this places Will in the top 35 trombones in the state for the Association of Texas Small School Bands (ATTSSB). Congrats, Will!

ATSSB Middle School Honor Band:
Wade Lambert ‘28 - French Horn
Rylan Boutwell ‘27 - Percussion
Reed Baker ‘28 - Percussion

ATSSB High School Honor Band:
Will Adcox ‘23 - Trombone
Nadia Fabre ‘25 - Trombone
James Enger ‘25 - Upright bass
Kendalyn Firenza ‘23 - Percussion
Will Young ‘25 - Tenor sax

“Music is learning a whole new language. A language that is higher than our speech.”
  -  Kendel Hickenbottom, Director of Instrumental Music

Mid-Semester Jam Photos 2023