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Magical Melodies and Heart-Warming Harmonies

Magical Melodies and Heart-Warming Harmonies

To say that participation in choir at Second Baptist School is widespread would be an understatement. From seventh to twelfth grade, more than 130 SBS students are choir members, all under the direction of Ms. Becky Martin and accompanied by pianist Mrs. Debbie Wylie. The choirs work diligently on the music performed at the fall concert since the first day of the school year. It was truly amazing to see how their hard work and dedication turned into magical melodies and heart-warming harmonies on the evening of October 25. 

Freshman choir member Olivia Shoemaker shared, “Choir is so much fun, and I loved hearing how much we improved at the concert!” 

According to middle school choir member and soloist Bennett Lane ‘27, “The best part about being in choir is being with my friends and singing with them.” Bennett adds, “Ms. Martin prepared us for the concert by telling us what it would be like and what was going to happen before the concert.” 

Putting on a great show goes much further than singing all the correct notes. Ms. Martin emphasizes the importance of facial expressions while singing - making sure that your face communicates the same emotions evoked by words of a song. What may seem like minute details in a performance actually make the biggest difference, and, as Vision Choir member Promise Facciponte ‘22 remarked, “Ms. Martin did an amazing job addressing each and every factor necessary for a spectacular performance.” 

Ms. Martin never fails to create a fun, engaging environment for students to grow, not only as singers but also as individuals. She is intentional in her selection of music pieces, including “Agnus Dei,” “Keep Your Lamps,” and “Come By Here” through which she seeks to bring light to both the audience and choir members themselves. Ultimately, each song the choir performs is meant to be a song of worship and adoration for God’s goodness and faithfulness, and that vision was definitely evident as all 135 choir students filled the Sanctuary with songs of praise. 

Thank you, Ms. Martin and Mrs. Wylie, for all your hard work and dedication to our SBS choirs! Well done, choir members, on another outstanding performance. 

Please join us for the Festival of Christmas on Monday, December 6, 2021!