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Lyrics and Lattes

Lyrics and Lattes

From painters to musicians to actors and actresses, the talents of our SBS arts department are unparalleled. Junior Lauren Schweers serves as the 2021-2022 Arts Fellow and was inspired to create an event to give students an opportunity to showcase their gifts. Students from choir, band, visual arts and theatre demonstrated their unique talents for the SBS community in Second Cup, on December 3.

Hear from Lauren herself and a few of the students who participated in Lyrics and Lattes.

What inspired you to create the Lyrics and Lattes event?

The arts department has so many talented students, so it can be hard for everyone to get a chance in the spotlight. I wanted to provide an opportunity for more students to shine. With this event, students from instrumental music, choir, theatre and visual art got to sing their favorite song or practice for the Rodeo Art Competition in front of a live audience of their friends and teachers. 

At the beginning of the year, the arts team and I wanted to create an event outside of the regularly scheduled programs that would highlight arts students, so we came up with this idea to inspire more community within the arts. The atrium was a perfect space and Second Cup is a popular spot during Community Time, so we thought that a gathering then and there would be perfect to share the varied talents of SBS arts. 

How did you grow through your experience executing this event?

I grew as a leader by learning how to accept the challenges that came my way and move on. I learned that being a leader is not always about having a perfect plan and sticking to it, but adapting to fit the needs of the group. When things don’t go exactly as planned, a leader is the person who stays calm and keeps things moving. Additionally, I learned that being a leader is not self-serving. I’m usually the one leading on the stage and being recognized that way.

For this event, I learned how to lead courageously behind the scenes by organizing the music, artists, location and logistics. 

Can you tell us about any challenges you faced?

It was challenging to organize everyone’s pieces, making sure they fit the time limit, but in the end, everyone had a chance to shine. Managing the technical difficulties was also hard, but all of the performers were flexible, and the crowd was supportive. I’m used to live theatre where nothing goes as planned, so when things had to change I knew that “the show must go on!” 

Lyrics and Lattes was unique and unlike anything that’s happened at SBS in my years of being here. We got to see and experience art in every sense of the word. One of my favorite memories will always be when I saw Frida’s (Olay ‘24) drawing of my singing performance. It was wonderful of her to illustrate that moment; it will last forever. 

- Kendall Felton ‘22

The SBS band loved having the opportunity to perform in front of our peers at Lyrics and Lattes! The fun atmosphere of the packed atrium livened up our performance and made the experience very enjoyable. 

- Kendalyn Firenza ‘23

The live drawing at Lyrics and Lattes was great practice for the Rodeo Art Competition quick draw that’s coming up. I enjoyed the experience! 

- Keely Boutwell ‘24

It was so much fun getting to perform in front of our friends. Since we could choose what song we wanted to perform, I felt less pressure. It was also fun getting to perform a song that I’ve always wanted to sing. 

- Charley Schwinger ‘23