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Lower School Pianist

Lower School Pianist

The ivory keys gently vibrate to create clear, sharp tones. The harmonies blend together as the music swells and the Chopin piece reaches its conclusive chord. This advanced piece of music, which many adults can find frustrating, has been perfected and performed by SBS lower school student Carl ‘29.

Carl has been studying classic piano music since he was six years old, studying with his mother and, more recently, with the Music Academy of Houston’s Dr. Chien-Jung Chen.

“Carl’s passion for classical music drove him to learn by heart original pieces composed by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin,” said Madina Rubly. “Carl also enjoys learning about the different time periods of classical music as well as the lives of the classical music composers.”

Since playing piano, he gave his first public performance at the age of seven, and competed in several competitions. This summer, he had the opportunity to compete in the Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition and walked away a first-prize winner. The competition is open to a variety of instrumental talents from around the world and only the top scoring performers are deemed winners.

This huge accomplishment means Carl has been invited to perform a solo at Carnegie Hall in New York City this November. Congratulations to our very own lower school student, Carl ‘29, on this exciting experience.