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Let Music Live!

Let Music Live!

This year’s Spring Choir Concert was more than just a final show; it was a celebration of an unforgettable school year, a farewell to seniors and a chance to perform for the #SBSfamily in a year when in-person performances were few and far between.

The Honors Vision Choir opened the concert, appropriately, with “Be Thou My Vision,” setting the stage for a show honoring the Lord. As the program commenced, each choir showcased their unique talents and incorporated fun surprise elements. 

The ninth grade choir wowed us with “Blue Moon” and a Godspell compilation, with toe-tapping melodies and even some dancing! “Stand By Me” was the classic highlight of the Concert Choir’s portion of the show to the delight of the audience. Next, the seventh and eighth grade girls choir showcased beautiful young voices with pure sound and confidence; the Wicked song, “Popular,” was definitely a hit! Later in the concert, the men and women each combined in two moving pieces. If the men’s rendition of “Tell My Father” didn’t have you tearing up, the women’s piece, “For Good,” definitely had senior parents wiping tears from their eyes. 

Director of Choral Music Becky Martin recognized special players in the choir program, including TMEA All-state Choir members and the Outstanding Senior Boy and Girl - Stone Heaton and Caroline Bolling. Their dedication to choir, godly character and positive attitude were commended. 

In an amazing jaw-dropping finale, all choirs combined to perform “Baba Yetu,” The Lord’s Prayer sung in Swahili, complete with a drum and shaker creating dramatic effect. Finally, alumni joined seniors on the stage to sing “Blessing,” a spring concert tradition. 

Seniors and their fans remained after the concert for a special Senior Showcase, featuring moving performances. Head Prefect Connor Claypool narrated the show as one after another, seniors wowed the crowd. A fan favorite was a performance from Zac Decker, Stone Heaton, Jeff Trammel and Elijah Craig, who sang and acted out "Somebody that I Used to Know." The crowd was laughing, and students took their phones out and turned the flashlights on to spotlight them. Makayla Williams had everyone clapping along to her solo, and Stone Heaton closed out the concert by pulling out a cowboy hat and performing his rendition of "My Way." Afterwards, everyone in the audience got up on their feet and cheered!

A few of our choir seniors shared their favorite choir memories with us.

No matter how far I may go from home, choir at Second Baptist will always hold a piece of my heart through the friendships I’ve formed and the memories I’ve made. 

     -  Audrey Bishop ‘21

“The highlight of the choir concert had to be seeing us all come together and to sing our hearts out. I loved watching my best friend Graham showcase his voice with his solo in ‘Found/Tonight.’”

     -  Kevin Blume '21

Choir is not just an elective, but an affinity space where our voices are heard literally and metaphorically. In choir, not only do we share our voices, but we share our stories. 

     -  Makayla Williams ‘21

The highlight of the Spring Choir Concert was being able to sing together successfully after a crazy year of unknowns. Ms. Martin did a fabulous job putting it all together, and I cannot thank her enough! 

     -  Caroline Bolling ‘21

I think the highlight of the concert for me was the song, “The Awakening.” The meaning of the song and the message to never let music die is so powerful. It is a song I will carry for the rest of my life. Also, Ms. Martin is someone who I will always stay in touch with. She is my teacher, my mentor and my friend, and I cannot thank her enough for everything she’s done for me. 

     -  Valeska Moya ‘21

Choir has been a wonderful experience throughout my last four years of high school. With Ms. Martin as director, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, as it brought me joy daily. Being in the honors choir at SBS has been one of the most memorable and exciting things, and I will always cherish it.

     -  Victoria Smith '21

Let music never die in me!

Forever let my spirit sing!

Let all our voices join as one

To praise the Giver of the song!

Let music live!
     -  “The Awakening,” performed by SBS Vision Honors Choir