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Leading Courageously in the Classroom

Leading Courageously in the Classroom

It’s up to our whole community, students as well as teachers, to keep our school connected, virtually and in-person. We see students lead courageously as they take initiative, unprompted, to engage back and forth with their virtual classmates just as if they are in the classroom together. 

Junior Joanie Darnall has demonstrated leadership in partner projects with her virtual classmates. In her U.S. History class, for example, Joanie was designated the point person for moving the tripod and iPad to ensure their class’ virtual students could participate actively during their recent partner project. Upper school teacher Andrea Spence was impressed with Joanie’s positive attitude and leadership, saying, “Joanie is definitely willing to support her virtual classmates!”

Joanie shares more about how virtual students are being included in the classroom and cooperative learning. “We include virtual students in class by connecting with them via Zoom; when they are on Zoom, they are able to see and listen to everything that is going on. If we are having a discussion, for instance, they can chime in anytime.” Joanie continues, “Personally I have taken initiative with the online students by doing projects with them. In history, Dariush Boujabadi ‘22 and I did a project together over Reconstruction. Everyday Mrs. Spence would let me have the iPad, connected to Dariush over Zoom, so I could converse with him about the project. In Bible class, one of my group members for a project was Schuyler Clark ‘22, another virtual student. When we worked on our project, I would send a Zoom link to Schuyler so that he could participate in our on-campus group virtually.” As virtual learning becomes integrated with on-campus learning, we continue to see growth and leadership opportunities for all SBS students, turning challenges into positive outcomes.

SBS students like Joanie are walking together and leading courageously in this unique learning environment. The boldness and resilience of our students and teachers cannot be undersold. 

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” - Ephesians 2:10