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Junior Leadership Inauguration

Junior Leadership Inauguration

Student leaders are walking representatives of the mission and passion of Second Baptist School. They are relied on and hand-picked for Prefect and athletic leadership positions and serve as ambassadors to help new students at SBS. SBS holds the senior class in high regard and responsibility as the example of student leaders in the school. Before they begin their senior year, the juniors are passed the torch of leadership from the graduating senior class. The Junior Leadership Inauguration ceremony on Tuesday was one of celebration, reflection and exhortation from esteemed leaders in the school to the Class of 2020.

“For SBS seniors, leadership means being the standard,” said Victoria Ryan ’20. “As a class, we want to push for our senior year to be one where the entire upper school follows an unprecedented standard of excellence. The upcoming seniors want to lead by example and create a community where students desire to do good.” She continued, saying, “My favorite part of the ceremony was having my parents hold my hands and pray over me. It was such a tender moment and made me appreciate the wonderful family that I have.”

A treasured moment from the ceremony each year is when parents pray over their soon-to-be seniors. Senior Bible teacher Jeannene Simonton leads this important time, praying blessing and exhortation over the Class of 2020. An especially moving moment was when Simonton asked God to bless the students even with hardship to sharpen and grow them into the young men and women God has designed them to be.

“To me, the seniors of any high school represent the pinnacle of leadership that transcends from the oldest students to the youngest, which is exemplified at Second Baptist School,” stated Alex Ritchmond ’20. “The seniors are challenged to lead not only in their classrooms and at school functions, but outside of school, through their sports, activities and lifestyles.” He reflected on the ceremony, saying, “Dr. Davis' four points were impactful, knowing that the greatest leaders are also the greatest learners.”

Dr. Davis gave a significant charge to the young leaders to step into the roles of leadership with excellence and humility. He encouraged the soon-to-be-seniors with four key points to meditate on as they enter next year:

  • Love God and love others
  • Good leaders are lifelong learners
  • Live on purpose
  • Lead others to Christ

With that charge upon them, the Class of 2020 will do amazing things for the Kingdom of God and on campus at SBS. Join us in praying for the Class of 2020 and the upcoming year.