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Jesus Freak 2023!

Jesus Freak 2023!

Donning tie-dyed t-shirts and colorful costumes, students in fourth grade presented Jesus Freak for their annual Grandparent Day program. An energetic presentation about being sold out for Jesus, this program features our fourth graders singing, acting and dancing. Students portraying Peter, James and Paul shared what it means to be a “Jesus Freak,” while encouraging a new friend.

With a little help from other Bible characters and musicians, including Barnabas and Cher, fourth graders sang and danced to classic hits and spinoffs of oldies-but-goodies like “Bad to the Bone,” “Dancing Queen,” and “Stayin’ Alive.” Throughout the program, the young cast described what it's like to live a life solely focused on serving Jesus. 

Jesus Freak, written in 2002, was inspired by the need for a new program that would reflect what fourth grade students were learning while they studied the book of Acts. Lower school Bible teacher Dianna Bolling remembers it well: “They wrote a script highlighting the biblical characters and paired it with groovy music from the 70s. It has grown over the years to include confetti cannons, strobe lights, and tumbling bumblebees, but the message of the gospel has always remained the same.”

As Head of School Rita Herring explains, students are never too young to learn about the saving grace of Christ and being sold out for Jesus. “These fourth grade students are going to middle school next year. I hope this show helps them remember to share the gospel with others and how important it is to be a “Jesus freak"—to have a relationship with the Lord and to rely on him in the years to come.” 

Photos from Jesus Freak 2023