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Jesus Freak!

Jesus Freak!

After weeks of hard work, preparation and prayer, the fourth graders and their program were ready. Jesus Freak is an energetic presentation for parents, grandparents and guests to hear the good news of the Gospel presented in a creative and groovy style. Once again, the name of the Lord was proclaimed by our beloved “Jesus Freaks.”

This inclusive, bright and bold program is a tradition at SBS that many love to experience. The story follows “Baby Jesus Freak” as she meets and interacts with different characters who, through song and story, teach her why Jesus is the Way. In a powerful ending, Baby Jesus Freak accepts Jesus as her personal Savior, and everyone rejoices in this powerful life change.

“I love Jesus Freak because I knew all the parts and was able to learn new parts,” said Caroline ‘27. “Learning my songs and the script was so fun. I loved being behind stage and listening to what was going on.”

In an unexpected turn of events, bad weather caused a power outage the morning of the highly anticipated fourth grade program. Amidst the uncertainty, prayer warriors all around campus immediately started praying that the show would go on! An hour before the scheduled start time, the power returned and the show was ready to go. To God be the glory!

“During the power outage, we were all praying that God would turn the lights back on,” said Caroline ‘27. “And then He did! I feel like Jesus Freak was really special this year because we got to see God’s power in action.”

“Each year there is always a twist or surprise, but this year we really thought that Jesus Freak might not happen,” said Lower School Bible teacher Dianna Bolling. “We gathered all the students and teachers into Maryanne Elders' class and Liza Brown led us in the song, How Beautiful a cappella. It was a truly sweet time of worship and prayer. We simply put the show into God's hands and rested in His sovereignty. We wanted His gospel to be preached, and He made it happen.”