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Interim Term 2022

Interim Term 2022

In 1988, Interim Term was born as a way to expand opportunities for Second Baptist School students, enrich learning and provide real-world experiences that extend beyond the school curriculum. 

This year, selections included engaging on-campus courses, college visits, service opportunities, internships, independent travel and more, with students trading the traditional classroom setting for interest-driven offerings. 

High school students describe the opportunity SBS Interim Term provides:

“Interim Term benefits students at SBS because it allows them to decide what they are interested in and learn more about the topic. Also, there are many courses for students to choose from, so we are not limited in our options."

        -  Avery Bodine ‘25

“Houston Service Projects opened my eyes to many new experiences. What I enjoyed most was working with the residents at Brookwood. Spending time with the citizens, playing bingo and singing songs, I got to appreciate the small things that make people happy. Interim Term allows us to explore different topics and interests that we wouldn’t in normal classes.” 

        -  Riley Tackett ‘24

“Interim Term is unique to SBS, and it reminds us that life isn’t only about academics, but also about serving the community. I am so grateful for Second Baptist and the opportunity to have fun while serving Houston at Brookwood, the Houston Food Bank and cleaning up the Buffalo Bayou.”

        -  Elizabeth Morse ‘25

“The [Texas College Tours] experience was beneficial because the tours allowed me to think more deeply about what college I want to go to as I was able to get a feel of what each campus was like. SBS sets each student up to succeed and achieve goals in college and later in life.” 

        -  Caroline Marshall ‘23

“Growing Up: Life Skills for Real Adults helped me learn how to do skills I have never known and now that I know them, they have helped me be a better person.” 

        -  Brooke Sems ‘25

“This was my first Interim Term as I am new to SBS this year. In Faith Under the Microscope, we learned how science supports and ultimately proves the existence of God and a biblical worldview. We also researched and then presented in the form of a radio broadcast.”  

        -  Annie Rawn ‘24

Interim Term Teachers share their perspectives:

“During Interim Term, we get to know things about our students that don’t traditionally come out in the classroom: skills, talents or even interests they’re passionate about that we had no idea were there. This year I had many freshmen in my class, Growing Up: Life Skills for Real Adults, and really got to know more about their career plans.”

        -  Melissa Farias, Upper School Spanish Teacher

“Interim Term gives teachers an opportunity to get to know a group of students we may not have in the classroom. I chose all the places [in the Road Tripping with History and Science tour] because they're fun and offer experiential learning. 

        -  Ruth Ewert, Upper School Spanish Teacher

“Mrs. Alemán and I taught Faith under the Microscope: The Compatibility of Science and Scripture. The goal of the week was for the students to research, write, and then present on a topic of their choice about the compatibility of science and scripture. It was a delight to hear the students’ thoughts on this topic and from God’s word.” 

        -  Nathan Nease, Upper School Physics Teacher