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Hope for SBS Moms

Hope for SBS Moms

On the first day of September, Second Baptist School moms gathered together in the comfort of the Sanctuary to hear a message of hope and encouragement. Nina Hendee, alumni parent, current SBS grandparent and long-time Second Baptist Church member, shared her personal testimony of God’s faithfulness during all seasons of life.

Nina spoke from the heart, and the audience was captured by her faithful spirit and vulnerability. She reminded us that we are all a family, and Second Baptist School is a special place in our lives and hearts. She shared the incredible blessing of SBS, saying, “This is not a perfect place; this is an amazing place that focuses on the one thing that matters most: Jesus Christ.”

“In the middle of a pandemic, there is great joy here,” Nina began, explaining that we all experience different seasons of life, from joy to grief, but God is always present. In her own testimony, Nina spoke from a place of personal experience, and the thread of God’s sovereignty was woven throughout. His purpose is unmistakable, and we can confidently know that the things that happen in our lives, even the small details, are not mere coincidences, but part of God’s perfect plan. We may be facing a season of chaos, but God has us, and prayer is our access to him. Moms were encouraged to pray without ceasing, 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Again, we are “privileged to be at a school where prayer is a priority.” This year, Head of School Dr. Don Davis continues to encourage us all to walk together in prayer and joy.

“God shows up every single day. God knows your needs wherever you are in your life, in joy or pain. God is God, and He shows up. Whatever you are going through today, God is in it. He is our hope, in good times, in bad times, in joy and sorrow, in all of life.”

Nina Hendee

Gatekeepers is a prayer group for moms in each grade at Second Baptist School. At Gatekeeper monthly meetings, SBS moms gather to pray for students, their families, faculty and the needs of the school. Depending on the grade, gatekeepers meet in homes close to campus or on campus. There will be opportunities to participate virtually this year. Meetings usually start with a short devotional before an opportunity to share prayer requests and conclude with a time of prayer for each student in the grade and their teachers. Please note: Gatekeeper guidelines are in place so that confidentiality is maintained concerning needs shared. If you are interested in joining Gatekeepers, please contact Sevena Felton at