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Hope for Moms - Praying Together

Hope for Moms - Praying Together

Tonya Riggle greeted Second Baptist School moms with instant connection, saying, “I’m a mom of a former SBS student, so I really do know you.” A collective exhale was felt in the room as moms felt genuinely seen and heard. 

“We travel this road together as moms. Days can be up and down, but the whole picture is so good,” encouraged Tonya. She continued, “There will be things you can control and things you can’t. Prayer is the answer to the lack of control.” 

As Tonya described her experience with Gatekeepers, the community of praying women at Second Baptist School, open to any SBS mom, she emphasized the power of praying for our children together. For where two or more or gathered, God promises to hear our prayers. “Simple words asked of God translate into power in His Kingdom,” shares Tonya. “Power multiplies as prayers multiply.”

Matthew 19:13 says, “Then the people brought their little children to Jesus so that he could put his hands on them and pray for them.” Parents, in community, brought their children to Jesus. As a group, they presented their children before the Lord. Tonya encouraged moms to do the same, to come together and bring their children before Jesus, knowing He will listen, for “when we bring our children to Jesus to be touched and prayed over, He will always be faithful.”

Tonya ends, “It takes a village, but unless that village is praying, it will be off-course.” In sharing her own experience as a praying mom, she exhorts, “We took each other’s kids in as our own. We saw God move through winning and honor and through losing and shame. We saw Him move through joy and tragedy.” When we pray, He listens. “Remember, nothing has power like prayer.”

Gatekeepers is a prayer group for moms in each grade at Second Baptist School. At Gatekeeper monthly meetings, SBS moms gather to pray for students, their families, faculty and the needs of the school. Depending on the grade, gatekeepers meet in homes close to campus or on campus. Meetings usually start with a short devotional before an opportunity to share prayer requests and conclude with a time of prayer for each student in the grade and their teachers. Please note: Gatekeeper guidelines are in place so that confidentiality is maintained concerning needs shared. If you are interested in joining Gatekeepers, contact Sevena Felton at