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Hope for Moms

Hope for Moms

SBS moms gathered for encouragement and fellowship at the annual Hope for Moms event with guest speaker Terri Huguenard.

Married for 33 years, Terri Huguenard and her husband Jim believe the most important things in life are faith, family and friends. They are members of Second Baptist Church and proud to have four Second Baptist School graduates in their family, including son Harris ‘09, who married Sarah Mayes ‘09, daughter Hannah ‘13 and son Carson ‘19. Terri and her husband have a rich history of serving at Second Baptist throughout their many years in this caring community.

Terri spoke to a group of Second Baptist moms at the annual Hope for Moms gathering, welcoming them to a new school year and exhorting them to trust God, pray for their children and remember their Creator. “Our purpose is to always glorify and enjoy God,” said Terri, assuring those in attendance that mothers are “commissioned to be missionaries, and our mission begins in our family.”

With deep encouragement, Terri reminded the audience that God is always working on the inside of each one of us. She shared the comfort it brings to know “God is working good in your child’s life every single day.”

As she spoke, she described three specific areas of God’s goodness she experienced in her family’s time at SBS: community, influence and opportunity. 


“At Second Baptist School, you will reap not only lifelong friendships but also support in times of need. You are not alone, and this community will be there for you,” Terri emphasized. “When we live in community with others, we develop a stronger sense of personal and collective identity. The family of God coming together is a powerful force. It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a community to raise a school.” 


Terri described how we are constantly being influenced by sources around us, from culture to social media. As mothers, we are called to curate the influences around our children so they can grow in their true identity in Christ. “My greatest influence is my mother,” Terri said. “She taught me to always be present, listen and be available, learn from others' mistakes, but more importantly, learn from your own mistakes.”


“Second Baptist School provided so many opportunities for our children and us,” shared Terri.
“[My children] were afforded opportunities that still impact them today, opportunities that changed their worldviews and impacted their futures and careers.” Moreover, “serving for me was an opportunity to express my gratitude,” she said, encouraging fellow moms to serve together.

Terri concluded, “God used Second Baptist School to color and shape and frame the portrait of my life as a mother, and I know He is going to do the same for you.”

Gatekeepers is a prayer group for moms in each grade at Second Baptist School. At Gatekeeper monthly meetings, SBS moms gather to pray for students, their families, faculty and the needs of the school. Depending on the grade, gatekeepers meet in homes close to campus or on campus. Meetings usually start with a short devotional before an opportunity to share prayer requests and conclude with a time of prayer for each student in the grade and their teachers. Please note: Gatekeeper guidelines are in place so that confidentiality is maintained concerning needs shared. If you are interested in joining Gatekeepers, contact Amy Richards at


Alumni Parent Terri Huguenard welcomed moms to a new school year, offering encouragement from her 21 years at SBS.
SBS moms listen as Alumni Parent Terri Huguenard welcomed them to a new school year, offering encouragement from her 21 years