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Homecoming Senior Year

Homecoming Senior Year

SBS Senior and Lifer Isabella Ventura shares her perspective of Homecoming ‘22.

By Communications Fellow Isabella Ventura ‘23

As the sky darkened and evening approached, it dawned on me that this year’s Homecoming would be my last, as a student. It’s a peculiar thought to consider the idea that an annual experience so familiar was coming to a close, yet, any tinges of sadness was swept away with my anticipation for the day.

Eager to display school spirit by dressing according to the evening’s Hawaiian theme, I pulled out a grass skirt and threw on multiple leis. The moment I stepped on campus, the energy changed and the air transformed with a charge of excitement. As I took my place on the bleachers among my equally festive peers, I couldn’t help but look at my surroundings and relish the moment. The ambience was contagious.

Over the immense noise I could hear children’s laughter. Turning to my left, I scanned the playground in the distance. Lower school students streaked across the encompassing turf area and playground, as I once did. With big smiles, countless boys and girls flew down slides and climbed monkey bars, while others played a lively game of tag. I can still remember those days when I lacked the faintest knowledge about the game of football. Yet, like all those children, I enjoyed being present and being a part of such a bustling communal event.  

On the other side of the football field, I could spot middle school students running around, throwing footballs, and attempting wild cartwheels. It genuinely feels like yesterday that my friends and I dashed around that same area, slurping on sodas or playing kickball. Although we were often engrossed in chatter or our own personal games, we still felt the thrill we experienced when witnessing a touchdown up close and screaming in celebration. 

Finally, standing proudly in the upper school student section, I took a moment to look around at the familiar faces of my classmates. Knowing everyone by name is a priceless gift that attending SBS offers. Our section of the bleachers was loud, energetic, and proud. As senior boys led school chants, we all roared in excitement. When the homecoming court winners were announced, we cheered for our friends. As our team scored each touchdown, the stands shook with every student jumping up and down. 

Homecoming is resemblant of the cycles of time at SBS. Just as there are different seasons of life, there are distinct eras we get to experience at our school. I had the opportunity to speak with Cameron Kelley ‘22, the Communications Fellow that came before me. Visiting from Vanderbilt, she had stopped by to cheer on the Eagles. As we spent time catching up, I thought about how the relationships we build at SBS never dwindle or fade away with time. When spotting other visiting alumni throughout the game, I felt great comfort in knowing that this school will always be a home to me and many others. 

In all of my fifteen years at SBS, my senior year has especially flown by. I’m so thankful I’ve been gifted the chance to experience every stage along the way. As the game concluded in sweet victory, the entire student section ran down onto the field, hugging and congratulating our triumphant football team. Looking around at the tangible sense of glee and community suddenly left me feeling bittersweet. Although I will be terribly sad to leave this school, it is these moments that will stay with me for a lifetime. No spanning distance or amount of time can ever take this away from me. 

After taking a few pictures with my friends, I turned to smile at my peers. I will certainly miss my people, yet if there is one thing I have learned, it is that there is never a moment to waste. 

“Well,” I said, grinning playfully. “Who’s ready to go to the dance?”

Photos from Homecoming 2022