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Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019

A day full of nostalgia and excitement, Second Baptist School Homecoming 2019 invited alumni, alumni parents, current students and families back on campus to celebrate the legacy of SBS. The celebration lasted all day long with festivities beginning at lower school drop-off and ending with an upper school homecoming dance.

Senior athletes greeted lower school students at morning carpool and presented each child with a Homecoming 2019 ribbon. As a senior athlete myself, I was able to witness many wide-eyed looks when the students realized a real-life varsity cheerleader was bestowing them with a sticker and ribbon.

Along with the other senior athletes, I was also able to take part in signing autographs for the lower school students during their lunch. Their faces were beaming as we gave out high-fives and taught a cheer for the pep rally later that day. I felt like an actual celebrity!

Each grade arrived at the all-school pep rally adorned in their class colors: freshmen in pink, sophomores in purple, juniors in blue and seniors in red. Middle school students also wore the same class color as their upper school equivalent and cheered them on enthusiastically. After introductions of the fall sports teams, the varsity and JV cheerleaders and Golden Girls performed their own routines to rally excitement for Homecoming. A game of tug-of-war followed with the senior members of the varsity football team losing to the seventh and eighth grade football teams.

Before the homecoming game began, alumni were invited into the Eagle Club in the Athletic Center for dinner. Here, alumni of all ages connected with teachers, parents and classmates. Alumni and alumni parents spent hours excitedly greeting friends and old teachers, and reminiscing on their days at SBS. 

Following a victorious first half of game play, the Homecoming Court was announced, and the winners were presented on the field. The Homecoming Princesses and Princes were named to be Emily Bolling ‘23 and Mason Sanders ‘23, Autumn Malone ‘22 and Cooper Patterson ‘22 and Emma Gunn ‘21 and Aidan Carr ‘21. The honor of Homecoming Queen and King was awarded to Star Matthew ‘20 and Dane Dentler ‘20. The Eagles went on to shut out Westbury, winning 56-0.

Following a triumphant win, upper school students celebrated at the neon-themed Homecoming Dance. Student Life Prefect Mary Turner ‘20 decorated the dance with glow-in-the-dark balloons that hung from the ceiling and placed black lights around the gym. Personally, it was my favorite Homecoming Dance, especially since it is my last! However bitter-sweet, I am so excited to be able to return home next year as an alum and watch the legacy of my class influence classes to come.