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Holy Habits in Eighth Grade Bible

Holy Habits in Eighth Grade Bible

At SBS, eighth grade Bible is split into boys/girls. In Mrs. Hopf’s Bible class, eighth grade girls often engage in life altering discussions and exercises. Recently, through their “Holy Habits” unit, SBS mom Susannah Baker helped these young women transform their prayer life.

Susannah Baker recently wrote a book and an accompanying prayer guide that she happily gifted all of Mrs. Hopf’s eighth grade girls. In addition, she spent two full days encouraging these young women and sharing her wisdom with them. 

According to Audrey Scarborough ‘25, “I walked away from Mrs. Baker’s unit knowing that God listens and wants to hear us talk to Him. I’ve always known I could go to God, but learning a more organized way to pray was really helpful for my prayer life.”

As Mrs. Hopf took the eighth grade girls through the Holy Habits unit, Susannah Baker walked through the days focused on prayer, specifically meditating on what it actually means to PRAY--praise, repent, ask and yield. Baker explained, “Praise is being real with the shortcomings of yourself and others, recognizing where God is enough. Practicing consistent repentance is like practicing good hygiene of the heart. Asking is for that bread that is needed for our daily support of life, the substance of our being, that which will sustain us--God. Yielding means surrender, a surrender of the story of our lives into God’s hands.”

Elizabeth Morse ‘25 said, “I’ve been using the prayer guide since early February and have felt a difference during my time spent in prayer. It is becoming a part of my routine and a daily thing in my life. It helps me outline my prayers every day and track who and what I’m praying for. In addition, it helps me confront things I need to repent from and give all my trust to God.” She continued by saying, “My prayer life has completely changed. I now know that prayer is a conversation--God can take anything and everything you have for Him to hear and it is critical to always start with scripture.”

Not only are these young women being equipped with the Word of God daily through study, they are also provided with tools to engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ella Farias ‘25 said, “My biggest takeaway from what Mrs. Baker taught us about prayer is that we need to pray scripturally, specifically and securely. This means that we should pray through the lens of scripture, specify more than the usual "bless my family,” "bless my friend,” things like that, and finally we should pray like a child of God secure in His family (boldly and shamelessly).”

At Second Baptist School, our students are encouraged to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously in all disciplines, whether academics, arts or athletics. Ella Farias ‘25 shared how Bible class specifically has transformed her life, “My Bible class pushes me to progress in my walk with God and build the foundations of my faith with every bit of undoubtable proof that my Lord is VERY much real and He came down as a human to die on the cross for me. Learning more about my creator every day fills my heart with an unshakable sense of awe and reverence, and the tools I learn to apply the Bible in my life are invaluable to me.”

Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness. Psalm 26:2-3