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Help the Rhinos!

Help the Rhinos!

For the last several weeks, SBS second grade students researched and learned about endangered species. 

Lower school science teacher Ana Konmua explains, “During this unit, students acted as explorers. They explored animals around the world, with a focus on the habitats where animals live, why some species are in danger of becoming extinct and possible solutions for this problem.”

Using science and technology, these young explorers researched animals to understand why certain species are endangered or facing extinction. Part of their research included finding ways to help save the remaining populations. Using art, students created posters illustrating their animals, showing where they live and sharing information and facts about the species. To extend their learning, each student created a bar graph to track the population of his/her animal.  

“This STEAM project helps students see a connection with the real-world, collaborate with peers and formulate possible solutions for the problem,” said Mrs. Konuma.

STEAM education encourages students to ask questions, connect the dots, problem solve, think creatively and be innovative as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math intersect. This type of learning provides them with tools and methods to be creative as they problem solve, learn and display data and innovate.