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Happenings in Lower School Art

Happenings in Lower School Art

Lower school art classes are magical places of creativity and bustling activity. The main goal for lower school art is for the students to develop a love and appreciation of art through which they will grow to readily see the beauty in God’s creation. Art class is a safe place for students to express their creativity and explore their inner artist. 

Amy Wagner, lower school long-term art substitute, shares the goals for the class and a bit about what the students are doing this fall. Lower school art focuses on artistic expression over perfection. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their work by way of creative license. Amy adds, “We believe it is more important for a student to be proud of his or her work and look forward to coming to class rather than perfectly replicating an example.” 

Even lower school virtual students have the chance to experience art; they get involved in discussion and work on projects at home. Lower school art teacher Maddie Long sent a complete set of art supplies home before school began, so virtual students have everything they need to work right alongside their in-person classmates. “I think it really helps narrow that virtual gap and allows them to feel included with the rest of their class,” Amy explains. “Our goal is for all our students to get the best art education and experience possible, whether it is from home or in the classroom.”

“One of the beautiful aspects of teaching art is helping students make connections between art and culture,” shares Amy. For example, third graders are currently working on a weaving project rooted in Navajo traditions in which they have the chance to work with less-conventional art supplies. This tactile project involves weaving yarn using a loom. Students love tactile-learning projects like this that are highly engaging and produce a unique product. Moreover, the project connects weaving with Bible lessons and an understanding of church history.

Other projects in lower school art include Vincent Van Gogh sunflower paintings, a study of Georges Seurat and his pointillism painting method as well as color-theory lessons in kindergarten and first grade. Soon, students will begin working on art pieces for submission to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) art competition. Second Baptist School’s participation in this event is a wonderful tradition that the students all look forward to.

Our students are blessed to have such a robust and meaningful art program at SBS, which allows students to explore their God-given talents through creativity and self-expression.