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Golden Girls Showcase

Golden Girls Showcase

By Communications Fellow Isabella Ventura '23

The lights slowly dim, a hush falls over the crowd, and the room stills with anticipation. Suddenly, a spotlight beams onto the stage, shining on team captains Emily Bolling 23’ and Cate Calderon 23’. Just by glancing at the energy held in their posed figures, one can tell that a spectacular performance lies ahead.   

The Golden Girls Spring Show is a showcase of dances they have produced all through the school year. Preparation for the show was rigorous. Striving to achieve their personal best, each Golden Girl dedicated countless hours of time and dedication. 

“It’s definitely been a lot of long practices and hard work,” captain Cate Calderon ‘23 expressed. “But it’s really fun getting to review all of the dances from the year and perfect them to perform one last time to an audience.”

The hard work paid off. The Golden Girls executed the performance splendidly, carrying out a variety of dances ranging from dynamic pop to a sacred worship ballad. Kendalyn Firenza ‘23 moved the audience with a senior solo, and Charley Schwinger ‘23 impressed the crowd with song. 

As the show progressed, the audience cheered with excitement as the “Golden Guys” took the stage, a group of senior boys who volunteered to learn and perform a dance. The crowd went wild as the boys carried out a hilarious yet thrilling performance, moving their bodies to the lively beat of “Whatchu Know Bout Me.” At the height of their routine, the song transitioned to “The Time Of My Life.” The spotlight turned to Gerry Vazquez ‘23 preparing to run, and Andrew Wench ‘23 crouching in a firm stance, hands outstretched. In a thrilling moment, the two boys carried out the iconic Dirty Dancing lift scene, and Wench held Vazquez over his head, slowly spinning him around for the audience to see. All onlookers went wild, cheering loudly.

At the conclusion of the show, all performers received a long and well-deserved hand of applause. Dancers bowed, smiles filled the room. It was a moment to remember. 

          Photos from Golden Girls Spring Show 2023