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God Bless Texas

God Bless Texas

Howdy partner! Second Baptist School PK4 and Bridge students took us “Deep in the Heart of Texas” in their Hoedown program. Dressed in their finest cowboy and cowgirl attire, these young students proudly galloped into the gym in front of an enthusiastic audience of parents, grandparents and friends. 

These students have been practicing their parts for weeks, rehearsing songs, memorizing Bible verses and learning to square dance. It was a proud moment when the students recited John 3:16 loudly and proudly, complete with accompanying motions. Their songs reflected not only an appreciation for Texas culture but also a love of Jesus. 

Bridge students presented facts about the Lone Star State, bravely speaking in front of the gym full of guests. Following this presentation, the students promenaded around the gym to “Walk the Lonesome Trail.” Of course, the main event was the square dancing, led by SBS coaches. Twirling, circling and do-si-do-ing together with focus, these students showed off their hard work!

Bible teacher Ashley Corbin shared, “The songs and dances in Hoedown teach our students to give thanks to God for our wonderful state and country. As Christians, we are aware that God created and rules over our land.” These values were demonstrated throughout the program and have been absorbed with enthusiasm by our PK4 and Bridge students.

Hoedown 2024
Cowboy Prayer

Oh, thank you Lord for the clear blue sky
And the big white clouds that go floatin’ by.

Oh, thank you Lord for the trail ahead
For my chaps and my spurs and my daily bread.

Oh, thank you Lord for the cows that roam
And the open range that i call my home.

Oh, thank you Lord that You’re here with me
Livin’ in my heart where You’ll always be.