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Four Decades of Dedication

Four Decades of Dedication

It is rare to see someone commit to one place and one mission for 40 years, but Bible teacher Jeannene Simonton is an exception. Her unwavering commitment to Christian education and instilling the Word of God in the hearts of young people is worthy of recognition. After forty years of service, Jeannene Simonton will retire from teaching this academic year. We are grateful for her impact at Second Baptist School.

“Jeannene Simonton leaves behind a legacy of love for scripture, commitment to students and a genuine love for Second Baptist School,” said Head of Upper School Jon Konzelman. 

Ms. Simonton, affectionately known as “Simo,” shared her own thoughts on the experience of teaching Bible at SBS. “It has been the greatest privilege and honor to teach these students over the past 40 years. There are only two things that are eternal: people and the Word of God. I have invested my life in these two things, and I am hopeful that God has been honored and glorified.”

“My favorite part of teaching,” shared Ms. Simonton, “has been walking with SBS seniors on the ‘holy ground’ of their lives as they make decisions about their futures. I hope they have grasped the extent to which they are loved by God and how He, along with the Son and the Holy Spirit, are the only sources of truth, beauty and goodness.”  

Former student and current SBS Bible teacher Emma (Prestage) Box ‘15 said, “It has been a gift to have been a student of Ms. Simonton’s and now one year as her colleague. Jeanenne Simonton's class was always a space where I knew I could feel safe. It is so important to know that your teacher is for you and has grace for you in the busy season of senior year. She showed us this consistently.”

“For the past four decades, Jeannene Simonton has dedicated her life to the spiritual growth and biblical education of students at Second Baptist School,” emphasized Head of School Dr. Don Davis. “She has instilled the gospel and cultivated a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of countless students. Her passion for studying God's Word and genuine care for her students have left an indelible mark, impacting thousands of lives for eternity. SBS is profoundly grateful for her faithful teaching legacy.”