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Flight Night 2024

Flight Night 2024

Second Baptist School recently hosted its annual Flight Night, a school-wide event that brings faculty, students and families together to celebrate the winter athletic season. The festivities culminated with JV and varsity basketball games against Frassati Catholic High School. 

Flight Night festivities tipped off with a spirited whiteout-themed pep rally that united students in all grades, fostering a sense of energy and excitement. The middle school versus upper school faculty pickup basketball game was the highlight of the all-school pep rally. Dean of Students Cecil Shorts secured the middle school victory with a game-winning shot, eliciting thunderous applause from the middle school student section.

An evening full of fun and celebration, middle school Spirit, JV/varsity cheer, and the Golden Girls dance team captivated the audience with their flawless routines. Invigorated by an abundance of school spirit, all four basketball teams emerged victorious, resulting in a clean sweep for Second Baptist School.