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Flight Night 2022

Flight Night 2022

Last Friday, January 14, was a special day at Second Baptist School because it was Flight Night. This school-wide event includes a pep rally for all grades to celebrate winter sports and build excitement for the big basketball games against Fort Bend Christian that night. The pep rally theme, white out, encouraged students to don white and fill out the bleachers with spirit and rally towels.

The cheerleaders gave a fantastic performance coordinating with both junior varsity and varsity teams, showcasing teamwork and community. Cheer was followed by a game of knockout that surprised everyone when Cameron Reid ‘23, varsity soccer player, won the competition, beating out varsity basketball players. After this, it was the Golden Girls' time to shine, and very soon, they were dazzling everyone with their exceptionally choreographed dance. Some students said, "It was the best performance of the Golden Girls yet!" After the Golden Girls finished their performance, the time came for the class yells. Ultimately, with help from the eighth graders, the seniors won, continuing their winning streak for the year. The community was dismissed afterward and reminded to show up for the basketball games that night.

Back on campus for an evening of basketball, the varsity teams brought their A-game to Flight Night. The women’s varsity basketball team fought hard, surging ahead through the first quarter and holding onto their lead by halftime. The second half of the game was no different; SBS controlled the scoreboard over the rival Fort Bend Eagles, winning 67-44. After the game, Liv Walker ‘23 said, "It was fun to see the entire SBS community come out and support the basketball teams. The crowd was energetic, loud and enthusiastic the whole night. It's always fun to play when your friends are cheering you on.”

In the downtime between the women’s and men’s games, the 2021 SBS softball team received their state rings for last spring’s TAPPS Division II Softball State Championship. A first state win for Eagles softball, the rings had the words, “first ever,” inscribed. The crowd cheered as the new state championship banner was hung in the E Gym along with the years of banners preceding it.

The stands remained full in anticipation of the men's varsity basketball game, and the energy of the crowd continued to rise. The game broke out by the end of the first quarter, and SBS was down a few points to their rivals. They soon overcame the obstacle and by the end of the second half were up a few points on Fort Bend. The student section, very engrossed in the game, cheered at every shot or layup that was thrown near the basket. The men's team did a tremendous job retaining the lead for the third and fourth quarter, winning 81-66. Sophomore Micheal Olay remarked, "how [he] enjoyed the enthusiasm of the crowd, and [he] is already extremely excited for the next one." Kyle Kollmorgen ‘23 also said "that the crowd increased the team's energy to help beat a competitor like Fort Bend."