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First Grade Goes to Market

First Grade Goes to Market

Have you ever wanted to visit the SBS Superstore or purchase Epic Bookmarks or Fantastic Piggy Banks? Then First Grade Market Day is the place for you!

Formulating a business plan, choosing a name, creating inventory, handling business loans and opening up a retail shop can be intimidating to most people. Experiencing entrepreneurship firsthand as an elementary-aged student can mean the world of difference. First grade students at Second Baptist School have a unique opportunity to learn how to plan, organize and run a business during their long-term Enrichment class project called Market Day.

“Market Day is one of my favorite days of the year because it is so rewarding for me and my students,” said Enrichment teacher Meredith Hall. “We start off by coming up with business ideas and then students are put into groups based on their interests. Each group comes up with their business name and creates signs in art and business cards in technology.”

Mrs. Hall went on to say, “Before we begin creating products, Andrew Hall from Frost Bank – my husband – visits the class to discuss what loans and interest rates are. After completing a business loan application, Mr. Hall gives each business a loan for their supplies.”  

Students then begin creating their inventory. They design and make products, assigning a dollar value to each item that they will sell. When second graders come to shop, our first grade students have spent considerable time collaborating to make their businesses successful.

“Our first graders are always so excited to show and sell their products to second graders that they look up to” said Mrs. Hall. “It is encouraging to hear second graders encouraging first graders because they remember what it was like when they were selling!”

According to Art Gallery owner Mary ‘30, “My favorite part was painting the art to be purchased!”