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First Day of School - Times Three!

First Day of School - Times Three!

Second Baptist School experienced the first day of school as it never has before - three times! Each division had its own special first day of school, with lower school opening Wednesday, August 19, followed by middle school on Thursday and upper school on Friday. Each division opening was met with cheerful balloons and an abundance of school spirit by faculty, coaches and staff from around the school. It was impossible not to notice the big smiles behind the face coverings as students reunited with their classmates and were welcomed back to campus with such energy and cheer. Following carefully laid out protocols, safety was a top priority for the first week of school, but joy was the focus! Students clearly felt the love and support of their Second Baptist School community as they started this one of a kind school year.

Let’s hear from the voices of our Second Baptist School community as we celebrate the launch of the 2020-2021 school year and focus on walking together in joy and faith: 

“I am so proud of each member of our Second Baptist School faculty and staff and their courage, insights and efforts with planning and preparation to bring our students back to campus. It truly is a blessing to hear laughter in the hallways and learning taking place in classrooms. Our faculty are the real heroes of this story. Let’s all thank them for helping us accomplish the mission of SBS in the hearts and minds of our children. Second Baptist School is leading the way and shining our light throughout Houston. God is good all the time; all the time, God is good!”

Dr. Don Davis, Head of School

“The first day of school came with emotion, joy and jitters, and was welcomed as a long-awaited reunion with our Second Baptist School community and friends!”

Jane Jackson, LPC, Lower School Counselor

“I have been so impressed with our students, families and teachers during these first few days. Teachers have been flexible and creative as they adjust to virtual and in-person students. Our families have been gracious and patient, and our students have excelled at wearing their face coverings and practicing social-distancing. These kids really want to be at school, and you can tell by their diligence. I am so thankful to be back working in person with my kindergarteners. While the adjustments can be challenging at times, anything is worth it to be back with our kiddos!”

Mary Paige Harris ‘13, Kindergarten teacher

“It’s so great to be back on campus with students! I love having them in my classroom, and the OWL camera allows for virtual students to be with us too. After distance learning, this was the best first day ever!”

Michelle Alderfer, Middle School Teacher

“I took my students on a socially distanced field trip exploring what Bible class is like. For example, we went to the weight room to remind us we are training in godliness. It was so good to be with them in person and virtually. We even took our virtual friends via the iPad!”

Loren Hopf, Middle School Teacher

“I am so thankful that Second Baptist School students returned to campus this week, and I am thrilled to have students in my classroom again. The bustling hallway is music to my ears! It's time for the SBS community to reunite and continue to grow in God's word and in academics, arts and athletics. Let's go - from a distance, of course!”

Laura Towne, Upper School Teacher

“It has been an exciting journey these last few weeks getting ready for our students to return to campus, and the first day was truly a joyous blessing of God's faithfulness. Seeing our students, getting to start those new relationships and once again being able to share Christ's love with them has made any frustration from the last six months absolutely worth it.”

Geoffrey Brooks, Upper School Teacher

"Walking together. Even though we were six feet apart, it felt so incredible to return to campus. The safety talk and Convocation ceremony were well-received. As strange as this current time is, Convocation brought a sense of normalcy, and for that I am thankful. My classes went well as teachers explained their expectations and safety guidelines. Even though there is much space between the desks, I could still feel the sense of community in the classroom. Overall, I am truly grateful for the incredible faculty and staff who have made in-person learning possible for my peers and me."

Danielle Tackett ‘22