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Famous Texans

Famous Texans

Fourth graders spend the entire school year studying the rich history of our state of Texas. Learning to lead courageously like the famous Texans from the past, students chose a notable Texan to research and represent in a culminating presentation. 

According to fourth grade teacher Leah Flanagan, students take this project from early research stages through the presentation phase of their Texans, given for parents and peers.

Mrs. Flanagan shared, “Fourth graders study the person's life and learn about what makes him or her famous. They also think about life lessons they can learn from these leaders and how Texas is a better place because of them.” Fourth grader Lane enjoyed researching Charles Goodnight, saying, “My favorite part of the project was learning about my Famous Texan.”

From Laura Bush to Sam Houston, fourth graders showed up tall and proud to represent our historic figures. “The highlight of the project is presenting in front of their friends and family. It takes a lot of courage to share their research and work, especially from memory!” said Mrs. Flanagan. Avery ‘30 agreed, saying, “I liked dressing up and presenting about my famous Texan, Mary Kay Ash.” 

Parents beamed as they watched their students boldly sharing their learning and embodying the leaders they represented. Mia ‘30 summarized, “I liked how we dressed up like our famous Texans and shared a part of history. It showed and taught other people about famous leaders and about Texas history.”