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Famous Texan Speeches

Famous Texan Speeches

What do Sam Houston, Mary Kay and Dwight D. Eisenhower all have in common? They’re all from Texas! The great state of Texas has been home to many acclaimed people throughout history, from politicians turned presidents to giants in various industries. During the fourth grade unit on Texas History, students learned how the great people of Texas played various roles in history and how it affected our nation. The cumulation of this unit results in the Famous Texan Speeches.

“Students choose and research a famous Texan, create an outline, rough draft and final draft of a speech about them,” said fourth grade teacher Leah Flannagan. “They then memorize their final draft to share with their peers and parents. They also dress as their famous Texan for the speech to help them get into character.”

By the time SBS students reach fourth grade, they have completed enough research projects that this famous Texan project is accomplished completely through their independent research. Students receive guidance through library resources and feedback from teachers, but ultimately they have the final say on their projects.

“I love seeing how our students work hard during the process and then are so proud of what they have accomplished during their speech,” said Flanagan. “They will remember this person forever!”