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“Middle school spirit is on full display during Extreme Eagle Day,” said Head of Middle School Ellen Barrett. Every year, middle school students get more creative with their extreme spirit; inflatable props, sparkly outfits and plenty of blue and gold filled the E Gym for the afternoon pep rally. The energy was palpable!

At the pep rally, Middle School Dean of Students Cecil Shorts III was the MC, hyping up the already-exuberant crowd. Middle school fall athletes were celebrated, and Middle School Spirit performed for the enthusiastic audience. Per tradition, the musical chairs game was full of competitive spirit, for teachers and students. In the end, the sixth graders won the spirit contest, cheering the loudest as they shouted, “S-B-S!” 

Teachers, too, demonstrated their best SBS spirit, with grade-level team dress-up themes. Both fifth and eighth grade teacher teams chose a theme based on our school theme for the year, Embrace the Moment, showcasing their creativity and highlighting the favorite “moments” of the school year, including Eaglefest and Flight Night, and the milestones of eighth grade such as Eighth Grade Promotion exemplified school spirit. Onlookers smiled in recognition of these momentous occasions on physical display through the teachers’ outfits.

Eighth grade teacher Loren Hopf said, “Extreme Eagle is so fun because it is the only pep rally that is just for middle school! The students – and teachers – go all-out in their school spirit, and their love for SBS is so apparent. It is a day when we celebrate what we love about our school.” 

“Middle schoolers bring life, fun and creativity to our student body, and they fully exude the joy of the Lord on days like Extreme Eagle. I am proud to see their enthusiasm for their school and for being part of the SBS family,” concluded Ellen Barrett.

Best Dressed Individual Awards 

Fifth Grade - Colby Hedges and Gemma Lane

Sixth Grade - Karlyse Firenza and Zach Pahutka

Seventh Grade - Mary Roark and John Abbassi

Eighth Grade - Oliver Dawley and Sophia Buehler

Best Dressed Class: Fifth Grade

Most Spirited Class: Sixth Grade

Photos from Extreme Eagle 2022