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Enrichment Curriculum

Enrichment Curriculum

In a time where the familiar classroom setting has abruptly transitioned into something new and often confusing, SBS faculty and staff are coming together to ensure that students feel cared for, even from afar. Collaborations from the arts department and P.E. coaches offer SBS students creative content and activities to provide opportunities to thrive during this unique time.

“We gave our upper school students an opportunity to feature a genre in which they had experience. For example, Zac Decker ‘21 created a video on how to speak with a French accent. Kara Swain ‘20, Caroline ‘21 and Emily Bolling ‘23 taught choreography from Beauty and the Beast. Middle school art teacher Sarah McKeon gave instruction on a visual art project.”

“The inspiration for this content was to give parents and teachers some down time by providing short instructional videos with various arts content for lower and middle school students,” said Director of Arts Cindy Blades.

In addition, Coach Susy Crosser has created several resources for lower school students to stay active and moving! For students who may miss their regular P.E. class or motor skills lab, Coach Crosser and other SBS coaches created helpful videos with fun exercises students can do at home requiring minimal equipment. These videos are posted on the lower school DLP resource page.

“I have taught physical education for almost 14 years. However, I only just began teaching online, and it is still evolving,” said Coach Crosser. “My goal is to teach lessons that inspire students to get outside, move their bodies and safely interact with people around them. Why? Because fresh air, physical movement and community are three things proven to help us shift out of worry and stress and into ease and contentment.”

SBS faculty, staff and even students are continuing the school’s tradition of Christ-centered educational excellence even as they themselves are learning new things. Though our classrooms might look different, the measure of our educational excellence does not waver.