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Encouraging Words Make a Difference

Encouraging Words Make a Difference

In Mrs. Knapp’s sixth grade Bible class students have been discussing the importance of words and how our tongue has the power to both encourage and discourage. The conversations in class took students on an in-depth look into their hearts to search and reflect on why we gossip, lie or make fun of others. They explored and meditated on God’s grace and loving-kindness and examined how they could speak words of life over friendships and relationships. Mrs. Knapp commented that this is not just a sixth grade lesson, but a life-long message: “The power of speaking life over all of our relationships is something we never outgrow.”  

As part of the topical discussion, students worked in groups to create a children’s book with the underlying message: encouraging words make a difference. As the study wrapped up, each group read each other’s stories and wrote encouraging messages on the back covers of each book.

According to Adison Mathes ‘25, “This project taught me a lot about what it means to control my tongue and how much discouraging words can affect others. We shouldn't just speak with encouraging words but think encouraging words, as well. We should not let our tongue control us; we should automatically think about how our words make others feel through the THINK acronym:






Added Jaxon Mott ‘25, “This Bible project was really fun because we worked together as a group starting with nothing more than a blank book and our underlying message, that encouraging words can make a difference. It was also helpful for us spiritually because we studied how we use our words and looked at the areas that we’re doing good in and the areas where we need to improve. If we all, as a community, thought before we spoke we could make SBS a better overall community. We all need a reminder of our words every now and then.”