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Eighth Grade in D.C.

Eighth Grade in D.C.

Without a moment to spare, eighth graders toured from one landmark to the next, soaking in U.S. history at every turn. From the museum of African American History to the FDR, Lincoln, Vietnam and Jefferson Memorials, and from the White House to Mount Vernon, eighth graders asked meaningful questions and found answers.  

Before the trip, students were each assigned a different memorial that they would visit on the trip. They created a "tour guide" presentation and led a tour for their group around the memorial when they visited it. This encouraged eighth graders to take ownership of and connect to what they saw.

At one of the historical sites, Arlington National Cemetery, four students, Sloane Harrison, Scarlett Gunn, Nick Dillon and Bennett Lang, participated in the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

According to Kendalyn Firenza ‘23, “It was really fun to see all the monuments and listen to my friends talk about what they had learned. It was cool to do something that I don’t get to do everyday like ice skating, bowling or going to museums.” She went on to say, “The trip allowed me to see what we learn in history class in real life!”

In addition to the educational experience, students and chaperones enjoyed bowling, ice skating and even a dinner and dance cruise on the Potomac!