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Eclipsed Expectations

Eclipsed Expectations

In August, Mrs. Ana Konuma, middle school science teacher, sought out a unique opportunity to enrich the educational journey of her students. With the upcoming total eclipse passing through Texas in April, she contacted Anthony Yanez of “Anthony’s Weather Lab - KPRC Channel 2 News,” hoping to provide her students the opportunity to take part in a live broadcast. Mrs. Konuma sought to deepen her students’ comprehension of the solar system and the solar eclipse through this once in a lifetime experience. Moreover, she sought to instill a profound awe of God’s handiwork, nurturing a greater appreciation for both science and faith in their hearts and minds.

In the fifth grade space unit, students embraced the opportunity to witness the solar eclipse firsthand. Students marveled at the “perfection and uniqueness” of God’s creation, as Mrs. Konuma emphasized how “the universe is God’s canvas, and the world around us is a testament to this.” Additionally, Mr. Anthony Yanez reinforced the interconnectedness of faith and knowledge in understanding the beauty of God’s creation by enlightening students on the scientific precision behind such celestial events. 

To conclude the experience with KPRC and their solar system unit, three students were pre-selected to participate in giving a weather forecast on live television. Fifth grade students Maddie Gardner ‘31, Mackenzie Dunn ‘31 and Hogan Hermes ‘31 stood confidently in front of their peers and the camera crew, sharing the forecast for Monday, April 8, explaining that “it will be cloudy, but we hope we can still see the eclipse.” We are so proud of their preparation for this moment. Watch their broadcast here

Opening up this unique opportunity to the entire school, all students, faculty and staff gathered outside on an otherwise ordinary Monday afternoon to observe this extraordinary event. The middle school forecasters accurately predicted the weather; clouds obstructed the sky. Nevertheless, the school gathered on the athletic green, donned eclipse glasses and gazed into the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of the sun and moon from beyond the clouds. With anticipation mounting, joy-filled gasps originated from the middle school students as the crescent-shaped sun emerged, filling both students and staff with awe and gratitude. 

The entire school community admired not only the scientific phenomena occurring before their eyes but also at the spiritual truths embedded within. The timely parting of the clouds revealed not only the illumination of the sun peering behind the moon but also the purposeful design of the Creator. Above all, the pausing amidst our normal Monday routines allowed Second Baptist School to appreciate the divine artistry showcased in this celestial event, emphasizing God's meticulous design and care for His creation.