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Eagle Vision Soars Again

Eagle Vision Soars Again

Several weeks ago, SBS Director of Athletics Mike Walker came up with an idea to encourage our student athletes while the campus is closed and athletic seasons are ended. He started Eagle Vision, a series of Zoom webinars with athletes, coaches and trainers sharing their unique perspectives and experiences as they process through the COVID-19 quarantine. 

“I realized during this time we have access to some influential people who can offer encouragement and inspiration,” said Walker. “I wanted our student athletes to hear from professional and college athletes about how they might be using this time to sharpen their skills and come out better than before. We can either wait for this to be over or prepare for what happens next.”

“Eagle Vision also has a community benefit. While I started out thinking Eagle Vision speakers would encourage our student athletes, the information shared has been helpful to our coaches and parents of athletes.” Walker continues by saying, “Many of our families have young children and find that rearing young athletes can be challenging. Both episodes have something to offer parents of athletes in terms of advice, encouragement or inspiration.” 

This last weekend marked the second video in the series and features father/son duos Robert Heaton with son and SBS alumnus Zach Heaton ‘17, Andy Pettitte and his son, SBS alumnus Jared Pettitte ‘16.

The format has been live or pre-recorded. Walker hopes to continue working with both but prefers the live webinar because it gives opportunities for viewers to ask questions, engaging with the speakers. There is value in doing it both ways according to Walker, and he looks forward to what happens next! 

If you have ideas of what you would like to see on an Eagle Vision episode, please contact Director of Athletics Mike Walker.