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Eagle Strong

Eagle Strong

We want every student to know whether you are the best athlete on campus, an athlete fighting for playing time, the lead in the play or have never been in a weight room before, YOU have a home in our class and weight room. We love each student here, and no matter who you are, you were designed with a purpose.

        Director of Athletic Performance Nick Mascioli


Growth Mentality

Athletic Performance at SBS includes weight room training for all athletes, but something special happens in the strength and conditioning elective class. Students in this class train, meet their team requirements and gain a competitive edge in their sports. Coach Nick Mascioli says, “We are seeing huge benefits both academically and athletically, as students reap the benefits of taking care of themselves physically and mentally.”

This class has grown from 4 students enrolled in 2019, to 85 students enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year. “Students are seeing the value of a healthy lifestyle. Regardless if you are an athlete or a student trying to stay fit, the weight room provides skills that will last a lifetime,” explains Coach Masicoli. 


Training for All

In 2020, Chelsey LeBaron was hired as a female strength and conditioning coach. The goal was to not only expand the already growing program, but to motivate more female athletes to utilize the benefits of athletic training. “Coach LeBaron’s ability to connect, understand and advocate for our female athletes has empowered them to take care of their bodies, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually,” said Coach Mascioli.

When Coach LeBaron joined the SBS athletics team, she said her goal was to build relationships with the female athletes, disprove negative stereotypes associated with female weight training and empower them to train confidently. She shares, “As a female athlete, high school weight rooms tend to be intimidating. With my personal history of being the only girl in my high school weight room, I am able to relate to our female students and share my experiences.”


Living Biblically

“As coaches, we naturally have more organic opportunities to build relationships with students when they are training,” says Coach LeBaron. “We see them on their best days and on their worst. The weight room is a place they can relieve stress and express their emotions. Here is where we are able to speak truth and life into our athletes.” 

Coach Mascioli agrees, saying that they truly view their work with students as a ministry. He says, “We ask that the Lord provide divine appointments for us that we can share the love of Jesus Christ with our students.” 

Students not only receive spiritual mentorship by their coaches, but they also learn to live biblically by keeping their classmates accountable. The class theme for the year is, “Be a great coach,” teaching students to coach their peers as well as themselves. “Our athletes learn that the Bible teaches us to walk together and live in community, to refine one another,” adds Coach Mascioli. 


Eternal Mindset

“My passion for our students is to teach them that the greatest things worth living for are the things that take the longest to achieve. The process is greater than the result,” says Coach Mascioli. “This mirrors our Christian faith; the way is narrow, but the reward is eternal. In class, we pursue Jesus with our whole hearts, with our passion to do things the right way, with excellence in all we do.” 

At SBS, biblical integration is more than a strategic goal - it’s a day to day reality. When you see students being mentored in the weight room and coaches who view their work as a ministry, you see God being glorified and the mission of Second Baptist School lived out. 


Hear from some of our student athletes about their experiences in strength and conditioning.

The encouraging environment of the weight room, developed by Coach Mascioli and Coach LeBaron, promotes excellence for all athletes. Their dedication to Eagle athletes all year round, from pre-season to summer camps, is developing Second Baptist School athletics for the better. We can jump higher, run faster and push past our competition.

        Danielle Tackett ‘22 - Head Prefect

Coach Mass and Coach Lebaron have taught me so many things in and out of the weight room. The strength and conditioning class is amazing because you build close relationships with your coaches, get stronger in your body and in your relationship with the Lord. This class is a must-take for anyone, even if you don’t play a sport!

        Jackson Tidmore ‘23

The first reason I love strength and conditioning class is that I get to work out during the school day. The second reason is the relationships I make, not only with my teammates but also my coaches; it makes me feel I am getting more out of the class than just strength.

        Andrew Rivers ‘22