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Distinguished Speaker Luncheon 2019

Distinguished Speaker Luncheon 2019

Each year, the Distinguished Speaker Luncheon welcomes the community to celebrate alumni and alumni parents, the school, our teachers and hear from a prestigious keynote speaker. 

This year, the school hosted former Secretary of State The Honorable James A. Baker, III, whose conversational style interview with Dr. Ed Young, gave guests personal insight into Baker’s long and active service in the highest levels of American politics. His candidness about the various roles he served and the friendships he’s shared with former U.S. Presidents made America and our government feel more personal; the audience was both informed and inspired.

In closing, Baker shared, “Just because we disagree with someone doesn’t mean they’re evil. We need to be more civil and follow the example of Jesus.”

In addition to our outstanding speaker, SBS honored Distinguished Alumna Dr. Anne Hofer Hotz ‘01 and Distinguished Alumni Parents, Terri and Jim Huguenard. The beloved award recipients spoke to the deep spiritual, academic and moral impact that Second Baptist School had on them and their families through the years. 

The gracious contributions from the luncheon go to the continuing spirit of excellence at Second Baptist School as all proceeds pay directly for Christmas gifts for faculty members and salary increases in the following year.

It was a pleasure and honor having you, Secretary Baker! Special thanks to this year’s Distinguished Luncheon Chairs Angela and Jeff Williams and Tracy and Gary Pedersen.

Click here to view this year’s Distinguished Speaker Luncheon video.

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