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Dancing into Victory: The Golden Girls Shine Again

Dancing into Victory: The Golden Girls Shine Again

The Second Baptist School Golden Girls dance team continues to dazzle with their exceptional talent and dedication in recent competitions.

At the TAPPS Competition, held at the Waco Convention Center, the Golden Girls wowed judges with their pom and lyrical routines, earning third place in Division II.

Their winning streak continued at the Crowd Pleaser Dance Competition, hosted at Cypress Woods High School. Their performances in lyrical, jazz and pom routines swept the competition and clinched Best in Class awards across all dance categories.

"Coach Whitehead and I are blessed to lead an exceptional group of young women!,” said Assistant Coach Jacqueline Comparin. “Their commitment to Golden Girls shines brightly in every performance, reflecting the countless hours invested starting in August. Through dedication, perseverance and a deep-rooted faith, they embrace the challenges with grace and enthusiasm. While success is cherished, their primary aim is to honor the Lord through their dances. It's a true joy to coach these extraordinary girls!"

Their unwavering commitment shines through as the Golden Girls look forward to future competitions and seasons. Each performance showcases their exceptional talent and boundless enthusiasm, leaving us inspired and proud of the positive influence they have on the SBS community. 

TAPPS Awards

Superior Rating- 3rd Place, Division II

Kick Company - Caroline Lane ‘24
Leap Company - Taylor Stensgaard ‘25
First Team All State - Caroline Lane ‘24 
First Team All State - Olivia Shoemaker ‘25 
Second Team All-State - Taylor Stensgaard ‘25
All-State Honorable Mention - Geneva Hudson ‘24 

Crowd Pleasers Competition Awards

Best in Class - Lyrical, Jazz and Pom
1st Runner-Up Classic Small High School
Highest GPA in contest 
Platinum or High Platinum Routines

Save the date for the Golden Girls Spring Show on Monday, April 15, 2024, where you can see the Golden Girls show off their talent, including their award-winning competition routines. In addition, you won’t want to miss special appearances by upper school vocalists, varsity cheerleaders and the infamous Golden Guys!

Golden Girls Photo Album