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Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

The first week of November, middle and upper school art students put on the Fall Art Show, a culmination of creativity and artistic process. Wandering through the library, visitors, students and teachers saw everything from elaborate 3D exhibitions to black and white photographs, clay creations and collages. 

Creative Process

While the SBS community enjoyed the artwork on display, art students learned what it takes behind the scenes to put on an art show. Jake Miers ‘25 said, “I learned that it is a long process from start to finish; art takes time, and when rushed, it will never turn out the way it was intended to.” 

Honors art student Virginia Young ‘23 agreed, saying she learned there are many aspects that go into creating art. “Art requires significant dedication and effort. Ultimately, I learned that hard work pays off, as it was so exciting to see my work on display. I also learned that inspiration in art can come from anywhere: religion, nature, hobbies, family or friends!”

On Display

For the talented art students, the highlight of the show was showing off their talents to the SBS community and their parents. Kennedy Crites ‘22 said, “My favorite part about the art show was that, as artists, we got to see the parents’ and students' responses to our artwork. The comments I heard about my classmates' art made me so happy as all the effort was noticed by the Second Baptist Community!” She continued, saying, “I was nervous to showcase my work but honored to receive feedback from the people who came! Seeing all the artists’ work in one place made me feel part of something greater! It has really inspired me to create more art!”

“Having my work on display was very rewarding. It made all of my hard work feel worthwhile to see people come and enjoy it,” said Avery Bodine ‘25. “Everyone had the same assignment, yet each project was completely unique. I learned that personal experiences greatly affect the outcome of each piece.”

Living Water 

Seventh and eighth grade advanced art students participated in a project rooted in God’s word. Students learned about Christ as living water. Middle school art teacher Sarah McKeon described how students learned what it means to feel thirsty, the different ways we try to quench our thirst, and that Jesus is the only one who can ultimately satisfy us. 

Mrs. McKeon encouraged her students to express living water through art, and then process what they learned in written reflection. “I am so proud of my student's deep reflections on the struggles they have faced and the ways in which Christ can quench and satisfy them. I am thankful for the opportunity to help them use art as a way to reflect and meditate on big concepts like the living water of Christ,” said Mrs. McKeon.

Seventh grader Izzy Stagner shared some of her reflection on the project, “Many of the individual hardships I have gone through were because of worrying and overthinking. I am trying really hard this year to give it all to God instead.” She concluded, “I am so thankful for all God has given me, such as family, friends and my relationship with Him!”

Art in the classrooms at SBS goes beyond creative expression and becomes a form of worship and spiritual growth. Students live biblically through worship and lead courageously as they present their work to the community.