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Convocation 2020 - Walking Together, United in Christ

Convocation 2020 - Walking Together, United in Christ

Friday, August 21, Second Baptist School Convocation began with the renewed energy of upper schoolers back on campus for the first time in 161 days. Joining the celebratory occasion, lower and middle school students watched the live feed from their classrooms. Head of School Dr. Don Davis launched Convocation by expressing gratitude for the tireless efforts of administrators, teachers, Second Baptist Church and the commitment to Christian education by all in the Second Baptist School community. Students, parents and teachers were commended for their courage and faithfulness in these unprecedented times. Upper school senior Caroline Bolling’s vocal performance of “Walk by Faith” stirred the audience with the beautiful assurance of God’s faithfulness. Accordingly, Dr. Davis reminded us all, “in the midst of this uncertain time, we can have confidence because we serve an unchanging, ever-faithful, all-knowing God who loves us and has good things planned for us this year.” 

Head Prefect Connor Claypool inspired us with his candid vulnerability regarding the many challenges our world is facing today, encouraging us to unite, serve and invest in one another and our school. “This year marks a new beginning as the year of 2020-2021 has given us, the school community of SBS, the chance to redefine our normal.” Connor continued, “If we unite as a student body, if we serve others, and if we invest back into our school, we can ultimately create a better normal than we had before.”

Finally, Dr. Davis connected Connor’s message of unification and service with our school’s mission to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously. Our Second Baptist School theme for 2020-2021 is Walk Together. An African proverb, quoted by Dr. Davis, says, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.” As Christians, we know, “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken,” Ecclesiastes 4:12, and together as we walk with Christ and one another in joy, we can walk in kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

At the close of his Convocation message, Connor urged us, “Looking past one another's differences and the difficulties and challenges this year brings, we must continue to form strong relationships and make the most out of what the 2020-2021 year has to offer.” 

“We have a great adventure ahead of us! Let’s walk together YOU, ME and GOD!”

Head of School Dr. Don Davis

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