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Communications Fellows Update

Communications Fellows Update

Q: What are some of your accomplishments as a Communications Fellow?

Preston: My first project was to build a google website for SBS students to upload photo submissions so we can share some of the awesome photos they take of school life. It’s easy to use and the comms office helped by providing an incentive for submissions (free beverage in Second Cup). Next semester, I would like to spread the word and make it more accessible so we can get more submissions. 

Caroline: My first few projects involved social media. Every week on our SBS Instagram, I create the “Week at a Glance” so students, teachers, and parents can keep an eye out for anything that may be happening during the week. Then every Monday I create a #MotivationalMonday post to tie in with our school theme this year of “Be the Difference.” I use the theme of “Be __” and choose Scripture to go along with this theme to encourage our school community. Another post I create each week includes highlighting a prefect or fellow, which showcases their accomplishments and goals for the future, plus some advice to underclassmen. 

I have also started a small photography business that allows me to use the pictures I take at athletic or arts events to be used in communications, advancements, athletics, as well as my own photography Instagram page. 

Preston & Caroline: We have written a few articles for the school that go on the website, in the Weekly Eagle e-newsletter and are sometimes published through Buzz Magazine.

Preston: The biggest project I have worked on and has taken up most of my time has been a video for our school's YouTube. Since October, I have been planning, recording, organizing, editing and managing all aspects of a student-centric video about SBS. Through this process, I have found a new respect for those who make videos. It takes up a lot of time planning and figuring everything out. The most challenging part has been coordinating to film students. My co-Communications Fellow Caroline Martinez has significantly helped with the production of this video. We are so excited to present it to everyone, hopefully soon. The SBS YouTube channel has grown in subscribers! Currently, we have almost 190 subscribers, but I'm setting a goal to hit 400 by the end of this semester. 

Q: Why do you like being the Communications Fellow? What have you learned so far in this role?

Caroline: Being a fellow and especially working with the communications team takes a lot of dedication, hard work and attention to detail. Throughout the year, I have learned to make the most of various opportunities, like engaging others to lend a helping hand to accomplish certain goals I have in this role. Having a leadership position as a fellow is a great honor and privilege to serve the school and my fellow students.  

Preston: I have enjoyed my tenure as a Communications Fellow. Over the semester, I have seen my skills as a writer improve through the articles I’ve written. I also enjoyed meeting and talking to SBS students from all different grades while filming my video project. 

I have learned in this first semester that accomplishing change is hard. I underestimated how daunting making videos for YouTube is, plus writing articles all while managing school and sports. Some of it is the normal part of learning the ropes and getting used to the position. I also learned that I can’t do everything on my own. It’s okay for me to lean on someone else instead of trying to do everything myself. God gives us all unique talents and only when we help one another can we see the bigger picture of God's creation.

Q: Why did you want to be a Communications Fellow?

Caroline: I applied for this position because I believe social media is a powerful tool to create unity, passion and school spirit; I hope this allows future generations to see the drive and passion of SBS.

Preston: I was motivated to take on this role because it is out of my comfort zone, and I wanted to become a better writer. I also have the amazing opportunity to meet and talk to lots of different people.

Q: What do you hope to achieve this next semester?

Preston: One of my goals for this semester is to create opportunities for students to better utilize the Class of Pages on our website. Growing the SBS YouTube channel is an ongoing goal I also have.

Caroline: My goal for next semester is to gain more followers on all social platforms by increasing the number of videos and posts and delivering to a wider spectrum of people through Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. I hope to grow the Second Baptist family through these platforms.