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Commencement 2019

Commencement 2019

“Commencement is not only a term used for graduation. It has a different meaning, “the beginning”, “the onset” or “the launch.” For some this feels like the end, but the truth is, this is just the beginning as you launch into the next exciting chapter of your story.”

Graduates of the Class of 2019 were blessed and exhorted by these words, spoken by commencement speaker Head of Upper School Jon Konzelman. As their final year at SBS for these seniors came to a close, they looked not just to the past, but onward to the exciting and unknown new chapters of their lives about to unfold.

Head of School Dr. Don Davis listed many accolades and achievements of the impressive class. It is evident that this class has talent, drive and most of all, desire to serve the Lord. In a powerful closing, he gifted the class with personalized Bibles to take with them as they move into their next chapter.

In addition to hearing from Dr. Don Davis and commencement speaker Jon Konzelman, graduates heard from their own peers on their time at SBS and the hope they have for their class.

Valedictorian Payton Kim said, “I would encourage you to mimic the men Paul wrote of in Acts 17 who were accused by those afraid of change and the usurpation of tradition of “turning the world upside down.” Long before Christianity had spread to the far reaches of the globe, it was a small group of radically nontraditional, radically forward-driven young people who were, in all historical likelihood, teenagers and twenty-somethings.”

On the same note, salutatorian Fielden Baker said, “Not only has our time at SBS taught us to see our future differently than many do, but our time here has also equipped us to see the present differently, and to engage our world based on our deepest convictions.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 for all the hard work it took to get to this moment.