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Commemorating the Class of 2023

Commemorating the Class of 2023

Cheerful smiles and rowdy applause abounded as 80 graduating seniors walked, danced, or flipped across the stage with their diplomas in hand. Dressed in their blue caps and gowns, the Class of 2023 grasped the final moments of their senior year as they celebrated alongside loved ones. 

The Class of 2023 was honored as Super Bowl champion and commencement speaker Benjamin Watson congratulated them on their endeavors and accomplishments. Watson implored the graduates to dream big, reminding them that “the real tangible accomplishments of [their] life’s work will ascend to the heights of [their] mind’s aspirations.” Watson averred that, through abiding in Jesus Christ, the Lord would carry the graduates through tests and into tranquility and triumph during their time in college and beyond. 

Watson’s encouragement was accompanied by speeches from salutatorian Leighton Chapman and valedictorian Grace Quach. Throughout these speeches, graduates were reminded of a constant quality that kept them united during their time at Second Baptist—the ability to overcome. After braving a disastrous hurricane, tumultuous election, Texas freeze, and global pandemic, this class of seniors was forced to endure, adapt, and make every moment count. 

Through senior traditions like the fountain run and car parade, students were able to do just that in the week leading up to graduation. Fellow students, faculty, friends, and family were able to cheer on the graduates as they celebrated the way students have risen to the challenge in and out of the classroom. Whether on the stage or athletic field, the Class of 2023 excelled at everything they put their minds to. 

As Watson concluded his speech, he left the graduates with one final reminder. “Because of what Christ did for us, we are champions.”

Despite our greatest achievements and best successes, we amount to nothing without the grace of Christ. If we abide in Him, the Lord promises that we will be triumphant. The Class of 2023 is prosperous not only because of their many accomplishments and accolades but also because of their ability to seek first the Kingdom of God.

While we will miss having our graduates on campus, we are thrilled to see the ways in which they will continue to overcome and triumph in life. Congratulations, Class of 2023, and come back to see us! You’re always welcome at your Second home.

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