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Coffee with College Guidance

Coffee with College Guidance

The Second Baptist School College Guidance experience is informative, intentional and individualized. Upper school parents had the opportunity to dive into this #SBSdifference with the College Guidance team over the past few weeks at grade level coffees. Thanks to the expertise and efforts of Amy St.Denis, Donna Sims and Allison Dow, SBS students are bound for great things.

This team is involved in every step of the college application process. According to Director of College Guidance Amy St.Denis, “The college application landscape changes every year, and our goal is to stay current so we can regularly inform students and parents. We are intentional about our partnership with families so we can guide students in their search to find God’s plan for their lives.”

Coffee with College Guidance meetings are divided by grade level. When asked what the purpose behind this was, St.Denis shared, “This is so we can establish a clear timeline for each student, depending on grade level. We are passionate about helping students individually, and we are able to begin that process by delivering age-appropriate information that equips students and parents with what they need in their college search.”

What makes this SBS College Guidance experience unique? According to St.Denis - relationship. She shared, “The beautiful part about SBS is that we know our students. Because we have a personal relationship with our students, we are in the position to guide them individually. We want more than anything for our graduates to find their fit in a college where God can use them best to advance His kingdom.”

SBS students shine in the college application process. They are involved, they express themselves beautifully and they seek God’s will under the guidance of St.Denis and her team. As our students are equipped to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously, we are grateful for a department that is solely dedicated to finding the best fit for them to live out our mission at the next educational level.