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Class of 2022 Senior Retreat

Class of 2022 Senior Retreat

Kick-Starting Senior Year

In a class of only 95 students, we have already formed bonds over important classroom conversations, challenging courses, enduring friendships and competition on the field in powderpuff; however, it is at Senior Retreat where our class was reminded of the community we have built with each other over the past three years. Nostalgia quickly set in as the retreat began with showing a video recounting our retreat freshman year. Although we were sitting in similar seats, at the same place, we laughed as we recognized how much we have changed over the years. SBS has developed the brace-faced, uncertain freshmen into confident seniors prepared to take on whatever this year throws our way.

Following the video, we played games such as college trivia and “guess the SBS Lifer” based on drawings and responses saved from initial admissions interviews. Then, we listened in seminars as we were taught necessary information for college and were encouraged by reminders for our senior year. Finally, we played a number of sports and went swimming in our free time. These activities helped to form deeper friendships, develop important knowledge and bring joy and a break in the stressful college application process. For me, the retreat was an incredible opportunity to kick-start senior year on the right foot, with the right mindset alongside some of my very best friends! 

Some Things Never Change

Senior retreat represents 33 years worth of time-honored traditions and although this year’s trip was in a new location, many things remained the same. Senior Bible teacher, affectionately known as Simo, presented each student with an Ebenezer rock, explaining that the rocks were physical reminders of God’s presence (1 Samuel 7). This famous “rock talk” paired with stargazing the night before helped comfort us in the security of God’s mighty power and plan for each of our lives. Moreover, we received letters from our loved ones with their hopes for our senior year. The touching letters overwhelmingly filled my classmates and me with gratitude. Gratitude for our parents and the lessons they have shared with us. Gratitude for our faculty and staff and the love they have poured upon us. But most of all, gratitude to have grown up in the SBS community, engulfed in an unwavering support system, encompassed by hope and enveloped by those who genuinely want to see us succeed. 

In 75 years, a lot has changed at SBS, but the core principle of a community united under a Christian education remains. And for that, the senior class is grateful. To close out the retreat, a teacher or administrator prayed individually over each student, and then it was time to pack up our bags and head home. As I reflect on the retreat and think about entering my final year of high school, I could not ask for a better class, better teachers or a better family to share it with.