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Celebrating our Seniors with SBS Traditions

Celebrating our Seniors with SBS Traditions

Two long-awaited traditions leading up to graduation took place in the final weeks of school as the Class of 2023 celebrated their upcoming graduation. Many seniors have been looking forward to these events since they started at SBS in PK4. 

The fun began on the sixth floor, where casual observers could hear the excitement of the seniors as they gathered for the countdown to the Fountain Run. Dressed in college t-shirts, the seniors eagerly began their race around the sixth floor, down the stairs to the fifth floor, then the fourth floor, until they reached the third floor. They made their way through halls, down elevators, across campus, and finally into the iconic church fountain. Students laughed, celebrated, and splashed as teachers and younger students watched and parent paparazzi snapped photos and videos, ensuring this milestone would not be forgotten. 

“The Fountain Run was something we had finally earned through all of our years here at SBS and was a pivotal moment in how our time has come to an end,” shared Barrett Ratliff. 

SBS Lifer Cate Calderon reflected, “Experiencing these traditions personally after watching them take place for thirteen years before me was extremely special. Running through the halls with my classmates, whom I have known since we were four, into the fountain was the perfect finale of a monumental senior year. Additionally, the car parade allowed us to celebrate our accomplishments in an exciting way in front of our teachers and family!”

Click here for photos from the senior fountain fun!

After weeks filled with “lasts” and final goodbyes, the seniors rallied in the Second Baptist parking lot for the senior car parade! Cars decked out in college colors, balloons, and streamers paraded around the campus as the SBS community cheered for and encouraged the graduating seniors. 

Charley Scwinger ‘23 “The car parade was a great first moment for me to display all the pride I have in the new school I will be attending. It was also a great way to spend another last moment before we all go our separate ways.”

Click here for photos from the senior car parade!


Where are they going?
Baylor University
Texas A&M University
St. Edward's University
The Citadel
Texas Tech University
Spring Hill College
University of Oklahoma
Louisiana State University
Washington & Lee University
University of Georgia
Northeastern University
University of Texas
University of San Diego
Southwestern University
Boston University
Texas State University
Texas Christian University
Dallas Baptist University
University of Mississippi
Colorado School of Mines
University of Alabama
Samford University
Montreat College
University of Houston
University of Kansas
Auburn University
University of Utah
Tulane University
Southeastern University
Loyola Marymount University
University of St. Thomas
Sam Houston State University
Wake Forest University