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Celebrating Artistry: Second Baptist School's Spring Art Show

Celebrating Artistry: Second Baptist School's Spring Art Show

Last week, the Spring Art Show brought the school community together and recognized our students’ creativity and accomplishments in the visual arts. This gloriously colorful event showcased pieces from kindergarten to twelfth grade, highlighting not only our students' artistic abilities but also their God-given talents to reflect beauty and truth. 
On the final day, AP Art students proudly unveiled their meticulously crafted portfolios, a culmination of their dedication and artistic growth throughout the school year. 

John Platis ‘24 captured the essence of his artistic journey, stating, "For my artwork, I tried to show emotion through the absence of light." Using a grayscale palette, he depicted the melancholy focus of his final year playing sports in high school. His pieces, moments frozen in time from his sports career, evoke a bittersweet nostalgia, reminding us of the significance of each victory and defeat.

Reflecting on his artistic development, John stated, "My style has completely changed since freshman year." This year, he focused on creating pieces that spoke to him deeply, culminating in a moving depiction of his high school experiences. John expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support at this year's art show, noting, "This year's art show was the biggest turnout that I've seen at an art show in all of my time at SBS."

Ellie Veeningen '24 used abstract art to immerse viewers into her world of memories and emotions. She described her AP Art Portfolio as an invitation for viewers to experience their own emotions, recognizing the individualized nature of emotional experiences. "Your happiness looks completely different than mine," Ellie observed, emphasizing the distinct narrative each artwork conveys.

Jake Miers ‘25 embarked on a visual odyssey, capturing the serene beauty of boats through colored pencil realism. His meticulous attention to detail and mastery of color bring his artwork to life, transporting viewers to tranquil waters and sun-kissed horizons. Reflecting on his journey, Jake shared, "I have seen my ability to work with color come alive in my art," a testament to his growth as an artist.

Upper School Art Teacher GeAnna Manners expressed admiration for these students' work, stating, "Our AP 2D art students produce some of the most insightful and beautiful work." It is incredibly skilled and thought-provoking." As she reflected on the journey with her AP students, Ms. Manners expressed deep gratitude and excitement. "This group has been with me for the past four years. I have all the feels and cannot wait to see what they continue to do with their artistic abilities as they use their talents to honor God." 

SBS students often feel a strong connection between their artistic expression and their faith. They see their talents as God's gifts, a means of reflecting the beauty and wonder of His creation. This year's art show featured a variety of such works, ranging from pieces inspired by nature's majesty to those exploring themes of hope and resilience. It is a powerful reminder that artistic exploration can be a form of worship, a way to honor the work God is doing all around us and within ourselves.

Overall, the Spring Art Show was a beautiful reminder of the transformative power of art to evoke emotion, provoke thought, and inspire connection, all while glorifying God. Second Baptist School extends heartfelt gratitude to all who supported the arts at SBS, enriching our community with creativity and imagination, and celebrating the God-given abilities our students possess.

Spring Art Show Photo Album