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Celebrating 75 Years of the Arts

Celebrating 75 Years of the Arts

As part of the 75th Anniversary weekend, Second Baptist School hosted its first ever Arts Festival!

2022-2023 Arts Fellows Mackenzie Ceballos ‘24 and Brant Decker ‘23

The SBS Arts Festival on Saturday, April 23, was packed with hands-on activities, students’ art pieces on display and performances by both current and past students. Visual arts, choral, instrumental and theatre departments united to create a morning of enjoyment and creativity. The chalk competition, obstacle course and art stations, alongside the stage performances and pop-up booths, made for an amazing auditory and tactile experience for students and adults alike.

The activities offered for students included leatherworking, face painting, sand art, jewelry making and clay molding. SBS student volunteers worked the stations, manned booths and engaged younger students. Students flexed their creative muscles in countless ways! 

The fun and engaging music permeated throughout the festival. Performances ranged from adults to SBS fourth graders. Alumni student performers were numerous and included Zac Decker ‘21, who said it was “an honor to come back and perform and still be a part of the SBS family.” 

The festival featured both new and familiar faces and gave opportunities to students who do not usually find themselves in the spotlight. The chalk walk competition showcased the talents of our lower through upper school visual arts students and highlighted the spirit of SBS, with many designs illustrating our mission. The high school chalk walk winner Frida Olaly ‘24 described her experience with the festival, calling it “a fun day to appreciate the dedication and hard work of each arts department.”

The SBS Arts Festival was a morning packed with fun and unique opportunities to appreciate and express creativity for everyone that attended. No matter the age or talent of an individual, he or she had the chance to reveal or admire the art of self expression. The festival revealed that art truly has no limits, and anyone can express themselves. All it takes is simply one stroke of chalk, one performance on stage or one song played or sung.

Click here for photos of the SBS Arts Festival.