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Biblical Truth in Every Classroom

Biblical Truth in Every Classroom

This year, Second Baptist School faculty continued their work on developing a biblical worldview in students across all divisions and in all subjects.

What does the Bible have to do with geometry? How does a Christian worldview connect with physics and math? Through their yearlong professional development, faculty discovered practical ways to cultivate a strong Christian perspective through everyday learning experiences.

How do you integrate biblical truth in a math classroom? Allison Armond explains that she and her colleagues have implemented many out-of-the-box ways to stretch their students to connect mathematics with scripture and the gospel.

In middle school math, Mrs. LaJuande' Harvey connected geometry with creation. After studying characteristics of shapes, students were asked, “How is God revealed by what we see around us?” In creation, we find shapes and patterns made by our divine Creator that ultimately point back to God. Students also discussed the meaning of certain shapes in scripture, such as the circle meaning eternity and the triangle symbolizing the Trinity. 

Beyond subject area connections, teachers seek to mentor students to live biblically, modeling a Christ-centered perspective of the world. In any classroom, students can discuss the deeper meaning of life, purpose and the Great Commission. Mrs. Armond asked her upper school math students to reflect on mathematicians whom they had studied, asking the question, “Can God use non-Christians to further His purposes on earth? Why or why not?”

She was blown away by the responses, especially ones that led to profound discussions on faith, creation and God’s provision. Students thought deeply, saying things like “God does use non-Christians to further His purposes on earth because, whether they know it or not, they are part of God’s plan. They discover things, like new technology, that helps His Gospel reach more people.”

When hard questions are asked, we want adults, teachers and coaches who love the Lord and live out a biblical worldview. This is the foundation of Christian education and purpose of our mission at Second Baptist School - to equip students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ.