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Arts and Athletics Back in Full Swing!

Arts and Athletics Back in Full Swing!

Let the 2020-2021 school year begin! Second Baptist School is back in full swing! Student athletes and theatre performers are busy readying for this upcoming school year. With pride and care, the Second Baptist School Athletics Department and Arts Department have executed safe and productive workouts, athletic performance training, theatre auditions, callbacks and even a virtual fall drama cast member kick-off party. Our students have jumped right in wearing face coverings, social distancing appropriately and following campus reopening guidelines. 

Don’t take our word for it; let’s hear from some of our students and staff!


“I am so excited to be back! There are a lot of changes, but I am grateful and happy to be able to participate in the arts and in athletics. My directors and coaches did an amazing job adjusting and maintaining a community of people who are fun-loving and hardworking. I am excited and eager to see what this year has in store for us.”

Grace Lundsford ‘22, SBS Theatre Company

“Although theatre auditions were totally different than ever been before, I am thrilled to be back and feel a sense of normalcy.”

Stone Heaton ‘21, SBS Theatre Company

“I was so glad to be able to do Eagle Week this year in person! There were a lot of precautions put into place to ensure our wellbeing. I think it was really important that we were able to get together and bond as a team before our season starts.”

Cameron Kelley ‘21, Varsity Cheer

"I had a lot of hesitation entering the school year, specifically Eagle Week, with all of the complications COVID-19 seemed to bring. In reality, this was one of the most fun years yet! The Golden Girls worked harder than ever and we are starting off really strong. Our social officers helped us through the long days with games during practice that bonded us while keeping us safe. All the while, we strived to root ourselves in Christ and have fun. I am beyond thankful our school has taken precautions to allow us to still bring spirit and make memories!" 

Francesca Garvin ‘21, Golden Girls

“We had a great first week of workouts, from the administration and coaching staff to our student athletes. We are especially proud of the kids adhering to protocols so that we could enjoy a successful week of strength and conditioning and football skills. We are thrilled to be out on the field working with our athletes!”

Terry Pirtle, Head Football Coach

"Last week was a great start to our process of welcoming athletes back to campus. I am thankful for the intentional efforts of our fall coaches; they all did such a great job planning, executing and evaluating every detail. Building relationships is key to the mission of our department, and having student athletes on campus gives coaches the best opportunity to do that. Each day brings new challenges, but God is good, and we are thankful for each and every day that we get to work with our athletes." 

Mike Walker, Director of Athletics


Most of all, thank you to our wonderful Second Baptist School faculty and staff for working hard to make this school year possible, and to our students for their resilience, faith and trust.