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Artistic Achievements at the Rodeo

Artistic Achievements at the Rodeo

Each year, our visual arts department competes in the Houston Livestock & Rodeo Art Competition. SBS art students from all division levels enter a school-wide art competition in which chosen art pieces are submitted to compete at the city-wide rodeo competition. 

Finalists receive a ribbon based on the tier they qualify for, with blue ribbons indicating first place, red as second and white as third. A turquoise ribbon indicates a student in the running for Best of Show or a medal. This year, SBS students earned 9 blue ribbons and 4 turquoise ribbons, a huge accomplishment. Additionally, Lucy Brown ‘28 won a gold medal for her artwork!

Lower school art teacher, Sarah Bramlett, sums it up perfectly. “I couldn’t be more proud if I tried! These students worked so hard on their artwork, and it is no surprise how well they did in the competition. They are truly using the gifts God has given them.”

Join us in congratulating the following students, whose artwork was examined among thousands of entries! 

Ellen Hickman '36 - Red Ribbon
William Lotz '36 Red Ribbon
Lucy Hall '34 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Colt Talbert '34 - Red Ribbon
Thomas Bramlett '33 - Red Ribbon
Landon Manners '33 - Red Ribbon
Joshua McCarley '33 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Ethan Farias '32 - Blue Ribbon
Ellie Fassanella '32 - White Ribbon
Leah Sanders '32 - White Ribbon

Kennerly Correll '31 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Hannah Rushing '31 - Blue Ribbon
Sawyer George '30 - Blue Ribbon
Kendal Lippy '30 - Blue Ribbon
Sophie Yue '30 - Blue Ribbon
Jordan Rhames ‘29 - Red Ribbon
Amanda Woody ‘29 - Blue Ribbon
Lucy Brown ‘28 - Gold Medal
Charisma Chambers ‘28 - White Ribbon
Sydney Hall ‘28 - Blue Ribbon

Liston Johnson ‘27 - White Ribbon
Brody LeBlanc ‘27 - White Ribbon
Bellamy Stalley ‘27 - Red Ribbon
Ella Peterson ‘27 - Blue Ribbon
Alyssa Yueling Zhang ‘27 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Charis Chambers ‘26 - Blue Ribbon