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An American Legacy

An American Legacy

Bursting with patriotic pride, Second Baptist School second graders have done it again! Another Parade of Presidents in the books, our school community is proud of such a patriotic heritage. “The Parade of Presidents is such a memorable experience that always goes down as students’ favorite memory of second grade,” said second grade teacher Brittany Kasischke.

In 1992, three second grade teachers came together to write a program that would showcase the history of our nation, the leaders who built it and the students who are its future. Head of Lower School Rita Herring, along with Linda Linder, Mary Neal Ramsey and Ruth Ann Jones, mother of current second grade teacher Alison Tidmore ‘91, wrote the original program for an audience of parents and grandparents. Alison Tidmore ‘91 said, “I love carrying on my mom’s legacy in second grade!”

Rita Herring shares, “I’ve also been that proud parent who watched my three children stand up in a crowded room and have the courage and confidence to speak and perform. More than just a program, we are teaching our students to be courageous leaders and to know and honor the history of our country.” 

“The students work diligently day after day to present a program that honors God and our country,” explained Alison Tidmore ‘91. “We began each practice praying for our program to bring glory to our Heavenly Father. The students took turns each day praying for the program and praying for our president. We thanked the Lord for all the presidents who helped shape our country and for the men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom.”

Brittany Kasischke shares that her favorite part of the program is “hearing the students sing ‘Blessed is the Nation.’ What an honor to instill Psalm 33:12, ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,’ on their hearts each and every day.” 

Lower School Music Director Liza Brown is proud of the students’ speeches and communication. She also described her favorite part of the program, the Procession of the Patriots. “Honoring our military was very moving. We were thankful to be able to celebrate these amazing men and women who are so deserving.”

Head of School Dr. Don Davis enjoyed seeing another one of his own children participate in the program. “This year I was the proud father of President James Madison. I am thankful that Second Baptist School prioritizes the knowledge and understanding of history, patriotism and public speaking, all of which are clearly developed in our children through the Parade of Presidents.”

Steeped in patriotism and biblical truths, the legacy of the Parade of Presidents continues, year after year, teaching students how to lead courageously as our country’s leaders have done and how to live biblically by honoring the Lord. “Proof that you never forget the President’s song, I saw lots of alumni singing along!” said Rita Herring. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Blessed are the people He chose to be his own.”